About Us

As the newest addition to the Northdale Community, we are committed to bring the best New York Style Pizza and personalized quality service. Brickhouse Pizza is named after our new brick ovens. The bricks, or stones, within the oven create a better cooking surface compared to conveyors and ovens with metal surfaces. As the stones evaporate the excess water from the dough, a crispier and flavorful pizza is produced. Some other ovens allow water to soak the pizza as it bakes. A sloppy pizza that droops is usually a sign of excess water. The pizzas we produce are thin, crispy, beautiful and delicious!
We are a small family with 15 years experience in the pizza business. Northeastern United States and Florida have taught us all we need to know about making fine quality pizzas. To us, pizza and food is our pride. Our ingredients are never frozen or canned as we cook fresh ingredients on the spot. Chicken is grilled to order and you will never see slimy canned mushrooms coming from us. We carefully select the products, even equipment, that are used in the food we prepare.
Come over and meet your new neighbors! We would live to meet you and your family. You can watch us perform a few tricks and flip your pizza at our newly remodeled bar!